When I think of you it feels like my heart could explode,  I could bleed just to feel your touch again.
Truth is, I’d use my last breath to say I love you. You’ve been my best friend and lover for so long I can’t imagine even one day without you.
I heard someone say recently that it’s not who you want to go out with on Friday night, it’s who you want to spend all day Saturday with. But the thing is there’s not a day I don’t want to be with you. I need to hear you, see you, feel you.

I wish you knew how much I really do love you. Everything is rough I know but I hold on because I do need you. I still get jealous over you, I still dream about you. I still love you.

My love,
I’ve never once stopped loving you.  Never once, you’re the love of my life. The only man I’ve ever really loved, regardless of the messes we’ve made, of where we are right now.  I could never ever let go of you.  Ever. Because when I’m with you time is irrelevant and you’re all that matters, and when I’m not with you– you’re still all that does.

Your Love <3

I’m sorry

I know I don’t always treat you like I should.
And my words more than once have hurt undeniably.
The people of my past have suffered but to you I never could.
For your happiness is tied to mine unarguably.
You possess more pieces of my heart and soul than I can count.
Although the obstacles we currently face aren’t fair,
I know that they are things that together we can surmount.
We still have a chance for as long as you care.
I wish it could be for us like it’s been until now,
That I love you and you me without doubt.
I wish she was gone from our picture but I don’t see how,
Truth is I’m afraid she’ll never be out.

Your Love

How Much

I wish there were words that could help me say it.
I wish there were music to help me explain.
I wish there were colors I could use to express.
The brightness I feel from you.
How everything makes me think of you.
Your words, your smile, your laugh, all of them bring me joy.
Everyday I’m grateful I’ve been allowed to know you in all the ways I do.

I wish I could really tell you or show you how much I love you. But in reality all I really can do is feel it. 
And I feel it with every ounce of my soul.

Your Love <3


It’s not often I don’t get to say goodnight to you.
The only time I don’t say it is when you’re next to me as I drift off to sleep.
How often I dream of you I wish you knew.
And for your presence some nights I weep.
Without my best friend, I’m barely surviving.
But on those nights you’re here;
On every level is reviving.
Tonight there will be at least one tear.

The one who waits for you.
Your love <3


Everyone says I should let go of us.  Of you.  But right now wrapped in your arms with our scent encasing our existence I just can’t.  I’d do anything for you, but letting go of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come isn’t one.  You would have to let go of me, because I know I’m not strong enough. I know that everything that’s going on beyond this door is just another test for us, one that we’ve passed before.  And through everything I’ve never loved you less. With your skin touching mine,
your heart pounding against mine. The universe could crumble around us and it couldn’t draw me away from your arms. Heaven is spelled with your letters. In the taste of your breath. It’s when I look into your eyes. It’s sitting next to you doing nothing –Is all I want. Ever.
To be here with you as the setting full moon’s light shines on our bed.

Your Love <3

You completed my life.
Once upon a time,
We had no strife.
Once upon a time,
You were all I needed.
Because once upon a time…

Someday was too far away for you,
I understand because it was far for me too.
And that day you gave up on us,
Traded all we had for touch.
Your decision has only driven the craving,

Today I feel the distance,
That once upon a time wasn’t there,
Today I feel the longing,
That once upon a time wasn’t there,
I’ve lost my existence,
Once upon a time,
No longer your belonging,
Once upon a time.

I miss you

Just One

All I wanted was just one more Saturday with you.  But this is it. I just wanted you to know how much I still love you. I can’t seem to move on.  I can’t let you go.  All I wanted my whole life was to be with you.  This isn’t fair.  All I’ve done is love you this whole time. Why can’t I let go of you and walk away like you were anyone else?  I wish you were here.  I wish I could still touch you.  I wish I could still touch you.  I still love you.  I can still feel you.  I need you.   You’re all I’ve ever wanted. Ever

Just one last Saturday.  I’m sorry I’m not stronger than this.  I wish I were.


falling apart

I’m falling apart

I miss you

I love you


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